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The Style Guide For The Latest Business Casual For Women

The Style Guide For The Latest Business Casual For Women

Many of us women work in places where we don’t need to wear super fancy business clothes, but wearing sneakers or very casual outfits is not appropriate either. Well, ladies, we all know we have casual palazzo pants that are comfortable but not sure if they are apt to be worn to work. Now wearing a tight suit also looks overdone! In such situations, we opt for something in the middle, which is called “business casual” clothing. This perfectly maintains your style without any comfort compromise, a top priority at any work place where your have to spend hours daily! It can be a bit tricky to get it right, but don’t worry here’s my guide to help you learn how to dress in this style with no trouble at all

What is Business Casual for women?

In simple terms, women’s business casual clothing is like a mix of formal and casual styles. It’s what most people wear to the office. It’s about blending clothes that are a little fancy with ones that are more relaxed to create an outfit that’s kind of formal but not too casual for work, so it looks nice and respectful, but not too laid-back for your coworkers. For example a formal shirt with loose straight fit pants.

Business casual for women to try

Business casual for women includes putting formal pieces together with casual clothes so we don’t look too fancy or too laid-back for work. The simple rule for all these outfits is to pair one formal piece of clothing with one casual one. Here are the top women’s business casual:

  • Business Casual Blazer

A blazer is typically seen as a very formal business piece, so it’s a good idea to pair it with something more relaxed. You can wear it with a casual shirt, jeans, chinos, or a light dress to create a clean and simple look that’s still somewhat formal.

  • Business Casual Dress

A business dress is super formal, so you have to be careful when mixing it with other clothes to get the right level of formality. You can try wearing it with an oversized linen blazer, a colorful and stylish trench coat, or a chunky sweater for a more laid-back office setting.

  • Business Casual Shirt

Pair your formal shirt with linen chinos, dark jeans (avoid ones with holes or bleach marks), a sweater, or an oversized trench coat. When it comes to more casual shirts with patterns like stripes or checks, match them with clean and simple slacks to maintain an elegant look.

  • Business Casual Skirt

Business skirts have a modern and elegant look, so it’s essential to balance their formality with some casual elements. Don’t compromise on the skirt length because it should be appropriate for a professional setting. Instead, consider wearing a pencil skirt with an informal shirt tucked in or a flared skirt with a well-fitting plain t-shirt. To keep it casual, skip the heels and go for ballerina flats or loafers.

  • Business Casual Suits

Suits are undoubtedly the most formal pieces in a business wardrobe, but you can still incorporate them into a business casual look. Choose a suit in a bright pastel color that can be easily paired with a simple white t-shirt and ballerina flats for a business casual interview. If your company allows it, you can even wear an elegant pair of leather sneakers with a floral or checkered pantsuit to add a touch of personal style.