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Rewind to the 80s Mens Fashion | Exploring Iconic Trends

Rewind to the 80s Mens Fashion | Exploring Iconic Trends

The 1980s was undoubtedly a golden era for men’s fashion. It was the time when men used to flaunt their fashion choices through bold patterns and brilliant shades. In fact, they were quite good at doing experiments with their attire. However, it’s also true that these daring styles gradually faded to give way to the minimalist fashions of the 1990s and 2000s. But the exciting thing about 80s mens fashion is that it has made an incredible comeback, whether these are dad jeans, bum bags, or windbreaker jackets. All the men thinking about a classy experimental outlook can incorporate them into contemporary fashion. 

Men’s Casual Fashion in the 80s

In the 1980s, casual wear fashion was at its peak. Men used to wear dad jeans and matching denim jackets. While the trend of Polo t-shirts and loose shirts was high, the outerwear used to be leather jackets, bomber jackets, cozy sweaters, and all. Talking about popular shoe choices, the white sneakers were almost every 80’s guy’s favorite, thanks to their compatibility with almost every outfit. Each and every piece of clothing from that time has a depiction of the experimenting nature of that decade. 

Preppy Fashion of 80s Men

When the mens 80s fashion was all about bold patterns and vibrant shades, how can we forget about the preppy fashion? As we know, the darker shades are always categorized as hip-hip fashion; the preppy fashion was all about eye-catching pink, blue, and yellow hues. It is impossible to think of the 1980s without seeing the preppy men of the period with sweaters slung over their shoulders. The traditional, timeless appearance of men’s 80s fashion was rounded off with a selection of bright summertime hues for trousers and polo shirts. 

Power Suits in the 1980s

During this peak of sale period, every working man used to have this in their wardrobe. Structured shapes, broad shoulders, vibrant colors, and big hair were the identification of this decade. Men who wore double-breasted jackets with padded shoulders had the impressive appearance. Although these suits were the first choice for professionals, it was not part of workwear. In fact, power suits were an integral part of evening meetings and outings to bring a touch of refinement to the nightlife settings. 

Men’s Summer Fashion in the 80s 

If we speak of men’s summer fashion in those days, short-sleeved shirts, bright colors, and intricate patterns were their favorite ones. Also, they loved to flaunt their toned legs and tanned body with short denim shorts. Those shorts used to be worn with high-top sneakers or boat shoes. Floppy hats and reflective glasses were the popular accessories to wear with men’s clothes in the 80s. 

Designer Brands That Shined

The discussion on mens 80s fashion would be incomplete if we didn’t talk about the designer brands of that time. The charm of designer brands witnessed a dramatic rise in the 80s. Luxury and high fashion were instantly identifiable with names like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Giorgio Armani. As a sign of social standing, men wore apparel with prominent logos and brand names. Designer labels provided a broad selection of apparel for men, from sportswear to suits, and were essential in shaping the decade’s design trends. 

Final Takeaways

The 80s mens fashion favored garish shades and patterns. With the passage of time, Polo t-shirts, denim, and leather jackets have become a vital part of men’s wardrobe to date. Athletic and sportswear emerged as a different category of clothing, which is the hottest trend among men after 40 years as well.