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Spain’s Mango launches Capsule S/S 2023 formal wear collection

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Spanish fashion brand Mango has introduced its new Spring/Summer 2023 events collection for women—Capsule. For the collection, the brand has focused on the formal events season typical of spring.

The collection consists of limited-edition garments for a timeless festive wardrobe. It mainly features the brand’s characteristic dresses and jumpsuits, as well as two-piece suits and flowing trousers. The star materials are silk, premium viscose, taffeta, feathers, tassels, and sequins. They have all been selected to achieve fantastic finishes, softness, and quality, Mango said in a press release.

Mango has launched its Spring/Summer 2023 events collection for women called Capsule. The limited-edition collection features dresses, jumpsuits, two-piece suits, and flowing trousers made from materials such as silk, viscose, taffeta, feathers, tassels, and sequins. The garments are produced locally with premium, short-circuit materials.

The new Mango launch is characterised by garments produced locally with premium, short-circuit materials and an exquisite craftsmanship. Mango has selected new fabric suppliers and factories in Morocco and Portugal to guarantee the quality of the raw materials and finishes.

3D design has been key to the creation of the collection. This digital practice, now commonplace in Mango design processes, has helped produce the collection in a quicker and more contemporary manner, facilitating the process of visualising the colours and volumes, among other aspects of dressmaking. 

Key garments in the collection include the tassel dresses and the Guipure suit, both in shades of red. The collection also includes accessories with a more festive air, such as the structured bags with precious stones, tassels, or maxi flowers, as well as fine-strap sandals in neutral colours such as black, nude, and silver, designed to complement any event outfit.

Mango has chosen three colour groups for Capsule—black, reds and pinks, and pastel tones. Key among them is white, a colour which features in part of the collection as a nod to new brides, who opt for simple, affordable, and elegant designs for their special day. In May, a month typically reserved for brides, Capsule will increase the proportion of this type of garments.

The Capsule collection is a special project led by Justicia Ruano, creative director of Mango Woman. “Mango is a brand that stands out for events and with Capsule we are going one step further with an exclusive product featuring exquisite materials,” said Ruano.

Capsule will be available mainly online, although it can also be purchased in selected stores. The collection will be distributed in twice-monthly deliveries between March and September, the period when most formal events take place.

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