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Cotton yarn prices stable in north India; demand yet to improve

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The cotton yarn trade in North India remained stagnant today, with prices lingering at previous levels. Traders noted limited buying from the downstream industry and suggested that cotton yarn demand might improve to some extent. However, high prices could act as a deterrent for the consumer industry. Additionally, Panipat’s recycled yarn market experienced muted buying, with yarn prices remaining stable. 

Cotton yarn prices in Ludhiana’s market remained stable due to limited trading activities. The market anticipated a slight improvement in demand over time. A Ludhiana trader told Fibre2Fashion, “Despite seasonal impacts, demand could improve to an extent, and the recent increase in natural fibre might also support prices.” 

North India’s cotton yarn trade remained stagnant today, with prices lingering at previous levels and limited buying from the downstream industry.
Traders anticipate that demand might improve to some extent but note that high prices could deter the consumer industry.
Ludhiana and Delhi markets reported stable cotton yarn prices with average demand.

According to TexPro, Fibre2Fashion’s market insight tool, 30 count cotton combed yarn sold at ₹276-286 per kg (including GST), while 20 and 25 count combed yarn traded at ₹266-276 per kg and ₹270-280 per kg, respectively. The 30 count carded yarn was noted at ₹255-265 per kg in Ludhiana. 

In Delhi, cotton yarn prices also remained unchanged, with average demand from the weaving industry. “A balance between demand and supply led to stable prices amid limited buying, and the market would take some time to find direction,” a Delhi-based trader told F2F. In this market, 30 count combed yarn traded at ₹280-285 per kg (excluding GST), 40 count combed at ₹305-310 per kg, 30 count carded at ₹255-260 per kg, and 40 count carded at ₹285-290 per kg. 

Panipat’s recycled yarn market observed a steady trend in prices amid average demand. Trade sources indicate that the market is facing dual pressure due to slow demand, with export demand remaining weak for months and domestic buying also subdued. Seasonal demand is expected to take at least 2-3 months to improve. Prices for 10s recycled PC yarn (grey) was at ₹88-92 per kg (excluding GST), 10s recycled PC yarn (black) at ₹60-65 per kg, 20s recycled PC yarn (Grey) at ₹100-105 per kg, and 30s recycled PC yarn (Grey) at ₹150-155 per kg. Comber prices were recorded at ₹144-146 per kg, while recycled polyester fibre (PET bottle fibre) was noted at ₹76-78 per kg, as per TexPro. 

North India’s cotton prices increased by ₹50-70 per maund of 37.2 kg due to a rise in ICE cotton prices. Traders noted that local cotton prices found support from global indicators. Demand from the spinning industry remained steady, but buyers purchased in limited quantities. Cotton prices were at ₹6,200-6,300 per maund in Punjab, ₹6,170-6,280 per maund in Haryana, and ₹6,400-6,500 per maund in upper Rajasthan. Cotton sold for ₹59,700-61,700 per candy of 356 kg in lower Rajasthan. The arrival of cotton in North Indian markets decreased to 7,500 bales of 170 kg each. 

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