Home Health Your ultimate guide that answers how to use a hair mask

Your ultimate guide that answers how to use a hair mask

Your ultimate guide that answers how to use a hair mask


You must be dreaming of having thick, long, and shiny Rapunzel-like locks! From your kitchen to the hair masks available in the market, you must have finished trying everything on your tresses to realise your dream. You must have heard everyone extolling the benefits of using a hair mask twice a week to maintain healthy hair. Due to paucity of time, we tend to skip our mandatory hair care routine and haphazardly apply hair masks. And, so often, you must be wondering why nothing is working when you are working so hard for your hair. If yours is the same case, then you surely need a step-by-step guide telling how to use a hair mask.

If you’re wondering how to apply a hair mask at home the right way, fret not! Here is a step-by-step guide to applying a hair mask.

how to use a hair mask
Applying a hair mask can do wonders for your hair! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

How to apply a hair mask properly?

If you have a homemade hair mask, the steps are super simple. But, if you have purchased a ready-made hair mask tube or jar from the market, it’s best advised to peruse the instructions on the jar before diving your hands into the mask jar. However, the following steps will always be constant.

1. Always begin with damp strands

Post-shampooing when your hair gets damp, divide your hair into two to four parts depending on the thickness of your hair. One basic thumb rule is to always work your way to the strands with your hair mask unless the instructions say otherwise. Make sure that you coat your strands properly, especially toward the ends, where your dead hair lies.

2. Be careful by setting a timer

Most hair masks work wonders after being left for 5-15 minutes. Rest, you may rely on the instructions given on the tube for best results. If you are using a hair and scalp mask, then don’t forget to cover your roots with a light layer so that your pores don’t feel overwhelmed by a heavy formula.

how to use a hair mask
Nourish your damaged hair by using the right hair mask properly! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Avoid multitasking

While the idea of sitting still in your washroom for the entire duration might sound funny to most people, the truth is that it is the way it is supposed to be. Unfortunately, many people avail this time to wash the rest of their bodies. Even though there isn’t something wrong with that, it is not the best idea for people struggling with back acne or sensitive skin. As you eventually wash off the hair mask, the product slides down your body, and if your skin is acne prone, you’ll end up getting breakouts when your skin isn’t cleaned properly with soap afterwards.

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4. Rinse well, ladies!

After your hair mask has stayed on your strands for the requisite duration, you may go ahead using cold water to completely rinse off the mask from your hair. Make sure that you always use cold water to clean your mane as it helps reduce frizz in your hair and lets your hair stay smooth post-drying. Always wash your hair properly to get all the leftover mask off so that you are left with clean and soft hair.

While these tips can come handy the next time you choose you apply a hair mask, you should make sure that you know what suits you best.


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