Home Health Yoga: How to practice deep breathing to improve lung capacity

Yoga: How to practice deep breathing to improve lung capacity

Yoga: How to practice deep breathing to improve lung capacity


“Lambi saas bharo”! You must have heard your yoga trainer asking you to breathe deeply into your belly, isn’t it? It isn’t easy for many, especially when you are a beginner and not in a habit of deep breathing. One of the best ways is to lie down and practice deep breathing, but when you are doing Pranayam in yoga, and you still can’t breathe deeply, it won’t be of much help. Some of the many deep breathing benefits include pain relief, low levels of stress, anxiety, and blood pressure, improved digestion, immunity, energy, etc. So, if you are still contemplating about how to practice deep breathing, read on!

Recently, Shynee Narang, a certified yoga instructor, took to her social media to share a breathing technique for deep breathing to make the experience easier for all. Read on more to find out!

Try out this breathing technique for deep breathing

Sometimes while performing yoga, we get so caught up in the process of striking the right pose that we forget to catch up on our breath. Don’t forget to have your breath in sync with your asana. From now on, deep breathing will come easy and naturally to you with this breathing technique shared by the expert. Here’s how it works:

Purse your lips, and keep them closed. This will lower the tongue, making space for the air to go all the way down. Now simply inhale and exhale from the nose, and you will be able to breathe deep easily. It’s as simple as that and is equally effective. Check out the video!

Tips to increase your lung function

Lungs play an important role in keeping our body and system healthy. Here are some tips you can try to strengthen your lungs.

1. Simple deep breathing

Deep breathing can help you reach your lungs’ full capacity. You can inhale slowly, being aware of your expanding belly and lowering your diaphragm. Further, expand your ribs and float them open like wings. Lastly, let your upper chest expand and lift. While exhaling, release your breath and relax.

2. Keep your posture in check

It is believed that our lungs are soft structures, and take up the room we make for them. You can watch your posture and sit tall on occasion to make more room for your lungs. You can try leaning back slightly in a stable chair, lifting your chest, and opening up the front part of your body as take deep breaths.

breathing exercise for deep breathing
Take a deep breath to improve your lung function. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Stay hydrated

Drinking ample water daily is equally important for your lungs as it is for the rest of your body. By leveling up your fluid intake, the mucosal linings in your lungs get thin, and this thinner lining is responsible for better functioning of the lungs.

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4. Laugh your heart out

Laughing is a great way to get your abdominal muscles moving and increase lung capacity. Alongside, it also clears the passage of your lungs by forcing out stale air and allowing space for fresh air to enter into more areas of the lungs.

5. Stay active

Targeting at least 20 minutes of moderately intense workout will amp up your lung function manifold. Regular physical activity is great for your lungs, and by increasing your lung capacity, you are getting three things done: a great mood, a healthy heart, and healthy lungs.


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