Home Health Onion in socks: Can it cure flu?

Onion in socks: Can it cure flu?

Onion in socks: Can it cure flu?


A change in season can bring in a season of flu. If you experience fever, chills, cough, runny nose or muscle aches, you could have been hit by flu. While some people turn to over-the-counter medicines for quick relief, many prefer home remedies. Recently, I came across this unique remedy of using slices of raw red onions, putting them in socks and wearing them to fight fever and flu. But it made me wonder if onion in socks really helps to combat the flu? Read on to find out what an expert has to say about this home remedy.

Health Shots connected with Kiran Dalal, Chief Dietitian, Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad, to find out if onion in socks really helps to fight the flu.

onion in socks
Will you try to keep onion in socks to cure flu? Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Onion in socks for flu

Not long ago, onion water was trending as it apparently helped in treating cough and cold. With the flu season on, people are again looking at onion and its health benefits. The thought of putting raw onions in your socks and sleeping at night while wearing them, may put off some of you. Dalal says that it is assumed that the sulfur compound in onions go into the body and kill bacteria and viruses. This way, they purify the blood and so, help to control the symptoms of flu. However, she noted that there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

Health benefits of onion

Onions are frequently used in salads or in cooking to add flavour to dishes. But onions also have potential health benefits. According to National Library Of Medicine, eating raw red onion seems to help in lowering cholesterol in women who have polycystic ovary syndrome.

Onions, which are rich in folic acid, manganese, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, biotin, and copper, are packed with essential nutrients that help the body make healthy new cells, says Dalal. Let us discuss some other health benefits of onions.

onion in socks
Onion has many potential health benefits. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

1. Onions and cancer

Onions have the ability to inhibit the activity of cancer-causing elements. Quercetin is a powerful antioxidant found in onions, and has been associated with a lower risk of developing lung cancer.

2. Onion for diabetes

The sulfur compounds in onions may help to promote insulin production and may reduce high blood sugar, making them a valuable addition to a diabetes management plan, says the expert.

3. Onion for heart health

Sulfur acts as a natural blood thinner and helps to prevent blood platelets from aggregating and reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke, says Dalal.

4. Onion has anti-inflammatory properties

The sulfur in onion may have anti-inflammatory properties, making them a potentially effective agent for reducing inflammation in the body.

5. Onion for healthy immune system

Onion is a great source of polyphenols. They act as antioxidants that protect the body against free radicals, which are unstable molecules and can interfere with and damage the structure of cells in our body. The antioxidants in onion can neutralise these free radicals, keeping them in check and helping to support a healthy immune system.

6. Onion for good digestion

Onion is high in fiber, which promotes good digestion, says Dalal. The fructo-oligosaccharides that are found in onions act as prebiotics. They feed the healthy bacteria in the large intestine and also reduce the risk of colon cancer apart from helping with digestion.

When it comes to home remedies, they are hardly backed by science. You can always try them, but in case of severe illness, it’s always good to head to the hospital and take advice from doctors.


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