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Learn the right way to pee in a public toilet from the millennial doctor!

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It is a common scenario among women: Trying their best to strike a balance between legs, feet, and thighs and hovering above the public toilet seat in such a way so that they don’t touch the seat and yet land their pee exactly where it should. We all have mastered this art of squatting and hovering over the toilet seat, trying our best to not touch the germs and bacteria floating on public toilet seats, isn’t it? Well, if you are nodding in a BIG YES, then be up for a surprise! Public toilets can be a pain to pee in, but what’s the right way to use them?
Recently, Dr Tanaya Cuterus, who helps you learn about body, period and sex, took to her social media to tell us the right way to pee in a public toilet.

Why should you not squat and pee?

Dr Tanaya strictly prohibits us from squatting and peeing on a public toilet seat. Explaining why, she adds, “When you are not properly sitting and just hovering over the toilet seat and peeing, you are making your pelvic floor weak.” To explain the pelvic floor, she urges people to imagine having a big basket, and three fruits in that basket. Naturally, you would need the floor of the basket to be strong to make sure those fruits stay in and don’t fall out. It’s the same thing with your pelvis!

right way to pee in a public toilet
Do away with your fear of using public toilet and pee the right way! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Your pelvis has three organs inside it, your bladder where you store your pee, your uterus where your baby will live, and your poop bag or rectum. She warns everyone saying that the floor of your pelvis must stay strong, otherwise, these organs can fall out – a condition called pelvic organ prolapse. Now hovering over the toilet seat like this can be bad for your pelvic floor, so stop hovering. Also, you can’t get a Urinary Tract Infection or an Sexually Transmitted Infection from a toilet seat. So, you can freely sit down and pee.

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Some safety measures while using public toilets

As the millennial doctor rectified us and told us to use the seat the right way, there are other things that you can do to ensure hygiene and safety.

1. Do not touch the doorknob

It is a known fact that public toilets have many visitors on an everyday basis. The doorknob is touched by many hands coming from various places carrying germs. So, you may use a tissue to open the knob and close it when you are done.

2. Keep your personal belongings safe

Once you are done using the toilet, you may clean your hands using a handwash to wipe off the germs but if you place your personal belongings on the basin or floor, they could catch germs easily and can stick around for a long time. That could be more infectious.

Tips to pee safely
Follow basic tips to pee safely. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Avoid using a hand-dryer

Refrain from using a hand dryer even when you feel tempted for a quick dry. The hot air from the blow dryer can spread germs present in the air. To avoid any infection after washing your hands, use a paper towel or napkin to dry out your hands.


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