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IAF opens registration for 38th World Fashion Convention in US

IAF opens registration for 38th World Fashion Convention in US


International Apparel Federation (IAF) and the Sewn Products Equipment Suppliers of the Americas (SPESA) have announced that the registration for the 38th World Fashion Convention to be held from October 22-25 in Philadelphia is now open. IAF is hosting the 2023 edition of the annual convention together with the member association, SPESA and with the support of the American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA).

After the conventions in Dhaka, Antwerp, Lahore, Istanbul, Maastricht, Mumbai and Rio de Janeiro, this is the first time in two decades that an IAF convention will again be held in North America. This edition in Philadelphia will, uniquely, bring together the full global supply chain, including US, Canadian and European brands, (Latin) American, European, African and Asian manufacturers as well as solution and technology providers, educators and policy makers. We expect to receive about 300 delegates, from over 20 countries, the IAF said in a press release.

The convention will be a mix of educational and social activities, including a 1.5 day conference, an off-site festive dinner, a business matchmaking activity and the IAF golf tournament.  The theme and the activities of this year’s convention are fully built around the presence of the full supply chain, bringing together brands, retailers and their suppliers. ‘Industry in Transition: Building stronger, smarter and more sustainable supply chains’ is the theme and on all topics the speakers will represent the different components of the supply chain, showing how transition requires collaboration across this chain.

The International Apparel Federation is partnering with the SPESA and the AAFA for this event. The four-day international convention is scheduled to bring together the entire global supply chain, including brands, manufacturers, technology providers, educators, and policy makers from North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

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