Home Fashion Step-by-step Tutorial to Tie a Tie | Your Last Minute Guide

Step-by-step Tutorial to Tie a Tie | Your Last Minute Guide

Step-by-step Tutorial to Tie a Tie | Your Last Minute Guide

Feeling trapped in your efforts to look professional for an interview or other function because the huck tie you purchased doesn’t give you that perfect look? Your worry ends here, as you don’t have to stress anymore because our last-minute guide will show you how to tie a necktie in just a few simple steps. Whether it’s for an important interview or a special event, you will get that professional look you need for that job interview or special occasion!

Step-By-Step Guide To Tie a Necktie

Step 1: Place the Tie Around Your Neck

  • First, flip your collar up.
  • Put the tie around your neck so the middle part lies on the back of your collar. Make sure the seam is facing down.
  • Hold the wide end of the tie in your dominant hand and the narrow end in your other hand.
  • Pull the wide end down until it’s about a foot lower than the narrow end.

Step 2: Cross the Wide End Over the Thin End

  • Take the wide end of the tie and cross it over the narrow end.
  • Hold this cross with your other hand a few inches below your neck where they meet.

Step 3: Run the Wide End Under the Tie and Pull It Across Again

  • Reach under the narrow end with your dominant hand.
  • Grab the wide end and pull it behind the narrow end toward your dominant side.

Step 4: Pull the Wide End Through the Center

  • Bring the wide end back to the front, where the knot is starting to form.
  • Switch hands and bring it up through the loop between your neck and the tie. Pull it all the way out over the narrow end.

Step 5: Loop the Wide End Through the Knot

  • While still holding the wide end, make a small loop within the knot using your other hand.
  • Start with the tip of the wide end and push it down through the loop.

Step 6: Tighten the Knot

  • Gently squeeze the knot with your other hand.
  • Pull down on the narrow end with your dominant hand.
  • Slide the knot upwards until it touches the front of your collar. Make sure the knot is centered.
  • The tip of the wide part of the tie should reach the top of your belt buckle, and the narrow end should be shorter and not visible in the front.
  • Finally, flip your collar down.

Pro Tips For Tying a Tie

Choose the Right Tie Length:

Make sure your tie reaches the middle of your waistband or belt when you are standing. Consider a longer tie to get the right fit if you are taller than six feet.

Pick a Flattering Tie Width:

The width of your tie matters, too. If you are slender, go for a skinny tie, as it complements your look. If you have a broader build, wider ties are a better choice for a classy look.

Create a Dent for a Stylish Touch:

To give your tie a sophisticated touch, create a small dent in the front just below the knot. While the knot is still loose, place your finger under it and then tighten the knot. This adds a stylish element to your tie, enhancing your look.