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Here’s why dark inner thighs are common among obese people

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Some women might have a fair complexion, but also have dark inner thighs. Well, don’t be surprised as these don’t have anything to do with your complexion. In fact, unhealthy weight gain might be one of the reasons behind it. So, if you want to get rid of dark inner thighs, weight loss might be the solution.

There are even many causes of dark inner thighs. That’s why you should first find out about it before thinking of ways get rid of them. To know all about dark inner thighs, HealthShots connected with Dr Jaishree Sharad, a popular cosmetic dermatologist, author, TEDx speaker and founder of Skinfiniti Aesthetic Skin and Laser Clinic in Mumbai.

dark inner thighs
Know why you have dark inner thighs. Image courtesy: Shuttertsock

Causes of dark inner thighs

There are times when the skin of your thighs rubs against each other. So, it turns out that the most common cause of dark inner thighs is chafing. The rubbing can lead to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, says Dr Sharad (ways to cure hyperpigmentation). It is very common if you are obese or if you are used to wearing really tight clothes! So, be it tight denims or sitting crossed legged for long hours, it can all lead to lot of friction and darkening of the skin.

Here are other causes of dark inner thighs

• Hypothyroidism
• Diabetes
• Acanthosis nigricans which is darkening and thickening of the skin due to insulin resistance
• Fungal infections
• Excessive dry skin.

What to look for while buying a skin care product to get rid of dark inner thighs?

While buying a skin care product to reduce pigmentation of dark inner thighs, look for ingredients such as

• Arbutin
• Kojic acid
• Licorice

The expert says that they are skin-lightening agents and they help to reduce pigmentation.

dark inner thighs
You can go for a fresh aloe vera with coffee scrub to get rid of dark inner thighs. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Home remedies to get rid of dark inner thighs

A quick search on the Internet will give you results related to home remedies to get rid of dark inner thighs. Right from lemon juice to baking soda, the list is long when it comes to treating dark inner thighs without buying creams or medicines from pharmacies. But Dr Sharad says that it’s unsafe to use something from the kitchen in this area, so just keep it moisturised. Still, if you wish to only try something from your kitchen then she says, you may try fresh aloe vera with coffee scrub (health benefits of coffee). These two ingredients are known for their skin lightening benefits.

Tips to prevent dark inner thighs

Ways to prevent dark inner thighs might be something that many are looking for. You can regularly use a moisturiser on the area to keep the skin of your inner thighs smooth and soft. To prevent dark inner thighs, you can also –

• Avoid wearing tight clothes, specially tight denims
• Get your hormone checked and if there is any hormonal imbalance, get it treated.
• Work towards losing weight (weight loss drinks to help you boost your metabolism).

Having dark inner thighs might not be a big health issue, but you might feel a little conscious. So, with these tips, you can get rid of inner thighs easily.


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