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5 reasons why condoms break and what you should do

5 reasons why condoms break and what you should do


You’re in the moment, enjoying your time with your partner, and suddenly the condom breaks. And panic takes over as you think that all the preparations you did before having sex feel useless. That one snap of the latex could mean the risk of pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease, or something worse. But let’s break the bubble because condom breakage is common and can happen due to numerous reasons.

Dr Niveditha Manokaran recently took to her Instagram account to share some of the common reasons why condoms break. Without further ado, let’s find out more about condom breakage and what could be the cause.

Reasons why condoms break

Dr Manokaran shares the following reasons that might cause condoms to break

1. The condom might be old

As per the doctor, condoms break when they are past their expiry date. Old condoms that are past their expiration date are less reliable and easier to break. So, the next time you buy a condom, make sure to check the expiration date on the pack to avoid such a situation.

2. Exposure to heat

One of the main reasons why condoms break is when they are exposed to excessive heat. If you keep your condoms in your wallet and sit under the sun for too long, the friction and heat in these areas might break. Condoms should be kept out of direct sunlight in cold, dark locations.

3. Rough sex without lubricant

While friction makes sex pleasurable, too much friction can cause the condom to tear or break. And doing so without using lubricant doesn’t help it either. Lubrication is necessary to help avoid condom breakage. Use lubricated condoms if possible, and add more lubricant if necessary. Friction can be significantly reduced by using a decent lube.

4. Wrong size

Using a condom that is too large or too small could also be a reason why the condom broke. If condoms are not put on properly, such as by not allowing enough space at the condom’s tip, they may rip while being used.

condom mistakes
Reasons why condoms break. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Manufacturing defect

In some cases, it could not be your fault but the manufacturer’s fault. While they put condoms through a series of tests to check for defects and microtears, sometimes these things happen. So, make sure you are being extra careful when you do it.

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“So make sure you use a fairly new condom with a good amount of lubricant and change condoms if you need to even in-between sex if it has been going on for a while,” add Dr Manokaran.

What to do when your condom breaks?

In case of condom breakage, you should stop right away and use a new condom. If you are concerned about pregnancy, call your doctor and talk about it. So keep in mind the tips mentioned above to avoid breakage and have safe sex.


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