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11 Easy Ways to Promote Your Live Stream to Get More Viewers

Live Stream to Get More Viewers

Do you want to increase the number of people watching your live streams? You cannot simply schedule a live stream and anticipate viewers. You must provide high-quality material and advertise your live streams in advance if you want to engage your audience. Don’t assume that your audience saw a post you posted on social media because you did so. 10% of the equation is planning and carrying out your live streams. In order for people to learn more and decide whether to tune in and watch, advertising is a crucial component as well.

The problem with most folks is that they don’t advertise their live streams and then wonder why they have no viewers or a flat view count. To achieve the best results, the majority of event planners employ several live-streaming options. But it’s crucial to remember that without event promotion, you won’t be able to attract a large audience. You will learn the most effective strategies for promoting your live stream and increasing viewers in this session.

Best tips to promote your live stream

Collaborate with industry experts and influencers

Collaboration is one of the finest strategies to improve audience. Invite your industry expert or influencers in order to participate in your live stream. The skilled live streaming service provider can present a chance to collaborate with your industry professionals and market your event. You can increase your brand value and reputation by working with influencers and experts. Collaboration is a fantastic approach to advertise your live stream as well. Anyone you work with on a project can advertise the live stream on their social media pages, email list, podcast, or any other medium they use to connect with their audience. A larger audience can be reached by cross-promoting your live stream and increasing interest with the help of guests.

Schedule your live stream in advance 

No matter what sector of the economy you operate in or how big your live streaming team is, scheduling your live videos makes sense. If you’re hosting an event, whether it’s interactive live streaming or anything else, you need to plan it far in advance to get the most people there. To begin with, this straightforward action can allow you enough time to properly get ready for your live session. Second, it’s simpler to promote a scheduled broadcast and increase engagement by sharing its link in texts, emails, and even social media posts. Your engagement efforts may be rewarded with add-ons like a showcard, GIF, or teaser video, and you may see an increase in live views as a result of scheduling and advertising it beforehand.

Create banners and cover images

To market your live stream as successfully as possible, try creating graphics like banners and cover images. It will boost your credibility, help you brand your live event, and is a great addition if you’re trying to figure out how to draw viewers to your live event. Instead of using the cover photo, you can upload a picture promoting your live stream.

If you’re wondering how to acquire more viewers on Facebook live, this is also a smart step because they will remember your live session every time they visit your Facebook page. Popup banners and a banner at the bottom of your current web pages can both be used to boost broadcast exposure. You can also use this banner in your email signature. Anyone who gets one of your emails has access to information about the live video. This allows streamers to promote the broadcast without disturbing the audience, which encourages more viewers of live streams.

Create an informative and attractive video description 

Making a quick but useful video caption that serves as a stream booster is necessary if you want to increase the number of viewers for your live stream. The pain points of your audience should already be identified when you create the video. Then more individuals would find your broadcast more appealing. Use the following to improve the effectiveness of your description:

  • What to anticipate and the release date for the video
  • What subjects will be discussed
  • Who could be interested in that information and how might the video benefit them

Include relevant SEO keywords for your topic as well. In this way, your broadcast will be visible to anyone conducting a random search for those keywords.

Tease content 

Teasing your content is one of the best strategies to get more viewers. Consider the trailers for television shows and movies. Typically, this takes the form of sharing teases from the video in advance. For this, you can consider GIFs, quick videos, pictures, Tweets, or even blogs. Look for possibilities to create “Tweetable” information. It contains information that is useful, captivating, and bite-sized. Such content has a greater possibility of encouraging shares. A link to register or a place to sign up for email reminders ought to be included as well. Use entertaining live-streaming hashtags to encourage viewers to interact with your content.

Promote your live stream on different platforms 

Promoting your live broadcast on every available platform using Multistreaming Services can be a game-changer, whether or not you have scheduled it. The basic idea is that your show will likely receive more views if you advertise it across more platforms. So, focus your planning efforts on this and spread the word wherever you can. You can try the following

  • Podcasts

Don’t forget to mention your live video in your podcast episodes if you have one. Describe the subject, time, and platforms on which you will be live streaming the video. Make sure the introduction is both succinct enough to keep listeners’ attention and in-depth enough to garner views after you go live. Most event planners make use of the top live streaming services and reuse the content from previous live streams. They can use it to promote their upcoming live stream and produce content for podcasts.  

  • Social media channels

Post images or teaser videos to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Utilize YouTube Shorts, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, and Facebook to advertise your live broadcast. Whatever strategy you decide to use, be sure to add an eye-catching thumbnail and compelling language to maximize your live video marketing results.

  • Blog posts & guest posts

Lead generation can be greatly facilitated by blog entries and guest posts. You can convert readers into live viewers with optimized content and a little digital elbow grease; just be sure to include all the necessary information about your upcoming live video to entice your audience to tune in.